Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stage One: Addendum

I have to say I'm pretty blown away by the response to Half of Everything Is Luck. My last post on it had a whopping six viewers. That's the equivalent of everyone who follows this blog reading it once! It's pretty gratifying when you can reach 100% of your audience.

Anyway, I've made a couple post-deadline improvements to the game based on feedback from one person, and I figured I'd post 'em here for anyone who's interested. And really, even if only half of the people who read that last post are interested, that's still three people -- enough to play a multiplayer game of Goldeneye! The mind reels.

So here they are.

Instead of spending Rounds and tracking Ammo Reserves, every weapon has a row of check boxes and a set of coins (pennies, nickels, or dimes). The boxes represent its Clip. Every time you roll a 1 on a Shoot die (regardless of whether it's “kept,” if Aiming), check a box. When the last box is checked, the Clip is empty, and you need to Reload.

A Weapon's coins represent the Ammo for it you're currently carrying. When you Reload that weapon, clear its Clip boxes and spend one of its coins. When you spend its last coin, you're out of Ammo. Ammo Boxes have two coins, while dead Guards and Crates have only one. You can only have a limited number of each type of coin at a time, as shown below.

PP7: □ □ / 3 pennies
AF7: □ / 4 nickels
Sniper Rifle: □ □ □ / 2 dimes

You start the game with one penny and no nickels or dimes. If you get one or more coins for a Weapon you don't have, you get the Weapon instead (and no coins).

Every map segment has a minimum number of Guards it must have: 4 for Drop Point, 6 for Roadway, and 8 for Dam. If the dice give you less than that, roll a number of additional dice equal to the difference, right on the page. This time, though, reset 4s to 1s, 5s to 2s, and 6s to 3s – in other words, every die is a Guard.
For example, if you've only rolled three Guards on Roadway instead of the minimum of six, roll another 3d6. Let's say those dice come up 1, 4, and 6. That gives you two more Level 1 Guards and a Level 3 Guard.

There you go. Play in good health.

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