Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gamex 2012: Some Pics of the Big Board

Finally got around to taking a few pictures of our Living Dungeon World Big Board o' Facts. Right now, those facts are still in sticky-note form. I'll recopy them on the board for improved legibility and post a recap of the weekend soon, but I thought I'd post some pictures just to give you an idea of what went on. (Disclaimer: They will give you no idea of what went on.)

An overview of the chaos.
Multiple Prime Material Planes, and my shameless AD&D cribbing.
Isgoth, an owlbear the size of "OH MY GOD!"
Halflings are boring homebodies who do parkour. "Boring" is a relative term here.
Bards : Narcotics :: Kobolds : Hot Oil.
Halflings are complicated. (Also, more S2 nonsense.)
Rinaldo, daring two-eyed leader of the Modron  Rebellion!
Shh! Don't tell the Protectors of Dragonmount their lives have lost all meaning.
 Confused yet? That makes three of us.

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