Saturday, February 4, 2012

Contest: The Game Crafter RPG Challenge

Man, this is exactly the kind of awesome design contest for which I absolutely do not have the time.
The Game Crafter is pleased to announce the RPG Challenge! We want you to design a role-playing game in the form of a board or card game. It doesn’t matter whether you build a dungeon crawler like Descent, or more of a story telling game like Betrayal at House on the Hill, or a funny little card game like Munchkin; all that matters is that it takes the form of a role-playing game. It also doesn’t matter whether your game requires a game master, or if the adventure is random, or if there are predefined adventures. 
I've used The Game Crafter in the past for Honeymoon: The Game, a little something I made for my wife to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. (It turns our New Zealand honeymoon into a game, using our honeymoon photos as cards.) But I've always wanted to take advantage of what the site has to offer on a grander scale -- a full-on boardgame or card game or something.

So this would seem to be a good opportunity, except for this, and also this. Sure, the contest deadline isn't until April 15th, and yes, I have half-formed ideas that would be viable candidates, but seriously -- I do not have the time.

But maybe you do! So go check it out and design something. A potential grand prize is taking over the site's GenCon booth for half a day! That's pretty sweet.

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