Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stage One: Objective Completed

Jonathan Walton finally (and I say "finally" with all due respect) got around to the last batch of Stage One entries and had nothing but good things to say about Half of Everything Is Luck. Things like:
  • "This game is straight-up terrific."
  • "Mike knocked this one out of the park."
  • "[One particular thing in the game] is hilarious."
  • "[Smells like Pierce Brosnan.]"
Anyway, modesty forbids me from any more self-aggrandizement, but you can read the whole thing here

Upshot is, Half of Everything Is Luck "definitely gets an invitation" (oops, one more nugget of self-aggrandizement!), so yay me, yay the game, and so on. Thanks Jonathan!

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