Sunday, July 24, 2011

Game Chef: Finished?

Thanks to an hour or so of downtime in the Sails Pavilion at Comic-Con yesterday, I was able to finish Globe Records this morning. I think. I'm not going to post it just yet. The Game Chef deadline isn't until tomorrow morning, so I'm going to let it sit for the day and take a look at it sometime tonight. We'll see if it still seems "finished" then.

I'm pretty pleased with it, though, plus I have about 500 words to spare, so that's pretty good. I guess I can consider that buffer to be filled by the words on the character sheets, though, just to be fair. Somehow, I managed to make those 2,500 words 15 pages long.

Incidentally, I wrote this game using LibreOffice, which is by no means a viable replacement for Microsoft Word. LibreOffice isn't so much a word processor as a word platformer. Just about everything I did in it felt like a challenge. Boo.

Anyway. Back to Comic-Con for one last day!

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