Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dangers & Dragons: Download It!

After much delay, brought on by nothing in particular, my D&D-ish hack of Danger Patrol is finally available for download. You'll need Danger Patrol to play, though; I converted everything I wanted to convert, but I didn't go through the effort of rewriting the whole thing, so the zip file doesn't have, for example, a list of Threat Moves, which is something you're going to want to have.

Also, on the advice of counsel, it's now called Dangers & Dragons. Let the word go forth!


  1. Thank you sir!

    I printed it out and laminated it worked out well very easy to just give people a dry erase pen and have at it. It also avoids the awkward "what do I do with the paperclip" moments :)

  2. Nice! Laminating is one step beyond what I would've done, but maybe I oughtta do that before Comic-Con or GenCon. (I'm running it at both cons -- scheduled for Gam3r-Con at Comic-Con, and as a game-on-demand at GenCon.)