Monday, April 25, 2011

Contest: Winter Sports Blood-Bowlification

Over at Gamish Designer, Jonathan Lavallee's hosting a game design contest that's caught my eye. The challenge is to essentially make an role-playing, card, or board game out of a Winter Olympics sport in the style of Blood Bowl.

And sure, maybe I'm taking the easy way out with Die-Athlon, but I think I have a solid concept, so I'm running with it. It's basically a three-man team biathlon, but instead of shooting at targets, you're shooting at die-athletes on the other teams. Ultimately, the goal is to be the first team to have someone cover a certain distance -- say, 20 km -- but wounding an enemy die-athlete slows them down, and killing them... well, that really slows them down. Every round, you have a choice between Skiing and Shooting; one earns you meters, while the other is shooting guys.

Anyway, it's obviously in a rough state so far, and I may go with something else entirely -- who wouldn't love a blood-soaked version of curling? -- but the deadline isn't until September, so there's plenty of time to work all that out.

Which is just as well, since I have a full plate in the meantime. Namely, the Daring Comics Adventure Game is about to consume a lot of my time. But I'll go into that in a future post soon!

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  1. HA! I love that idea, even the freakin' name!

    I can't wait to see it.