Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Up, March!

Hey there, March. I'd hate to let you go by without posting in you at least once, so I'm going to do that now, in this, your final hour.

First off -- I'm horribly ill! I know this isn't gaming related; I'm just mentioning it in case I ramble a lot.

The worst part about being as sick as I am -- severe sinusitis, pinkeye(s), a variety of body aches (including pretty bad earaches) -- is that this weekend is Hyphen-Con VII in San Diego. Hyphen-Con is the little invite-only mini-con we put together every year. It started out as 15 or so of us and four games (two in each of two time slots), and now it looks like it could conceivably be five games in each of two time slots, plus a second day of boardgames. Back then, we played at Andy's old house; now, we play at Andy's office. So we've come a long way.

But! You see where I'm going with this sickness thing. I'm doing everything I can to get better, but today's been the first day all week when I could just rest all day, thanks to my wife's mom being here to look after Ben. It's a little tough to get your bed rest when you're responsible for a rambunctious toddler. I'm sure --

Wow, my ears really do hurt.

-- I'm sure if I'd been able to rest more during the week, I wouldn't be so bad right now, but oh well. That's being a parent for you. More specifically, that's being a parent for me.

Complicating the Hyphen-Con thing further is the fact that I'm supposed to run a game: "The Pillage of Hommlet," a take on the ol' classic T1 using a hack of Smallville. Sorry, Cortex+ Drama (as opposed to Cortex+ Action, the Cortex variant that powers Leverage). I would really like to run this game, and I'd really like to play in any of the other seven or nine games that'll be run.

It looks like five of those games are also hacks of other systems, like Lady Blackbird and FATE. We are a hack-happy bunch.

So wish me luck with that, because I really want to be able to drive down to San Diego tomorrow. With the way I feel right now, though... man, I dunno. Hopefully one more day will get me back to some semblance of health. It'll mean missing out on the All Hyphen's Eve gaming, which I always look forward to, but c'mon. Priorities.

In other news, that project I was to start working on in March about which I was going to write more on Spirit of the Blank? Two alterations to that plan: One, it hasn't started yet (although a contract has been signed), and two, I'll be writing about it here, not there. That's right: It was going to be a FATE game, but now it's not. That's fine by me, man. I do not mind the break.

The company in question is Daring Entertainment, who you may know from their very cool War of the Dead campaign for Savage Worlds, or the Autumn Arbor campaign setting for M&M Superlink. I'm not sure I should say what it is I'll be working on just yet, just in case Lee Szczepanik et al. want to keep that under wraps for whatever reason, but if you click on that link, it's one of the products listed there.

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