Sunday, December 19, 2010

Game Chef 2010: Mission Accomplished!

A while ago, I exhorted you, dear reader, to help me almost win Game Chef 2010. And with your tireless support, I'm pleased to announced that Action City! did, indeed, almost win. Second place! The most almost-winningest place there is! If you playtested Action City!, thanks for making it happen. You kept the dream of alive and brought us to the very brink of victory.

The top five entries, in order of playtest sessions:

  1. "Never to Die" by James Mullen
  2. "Action City!" by Mike Olson
  3. "Chronicles of Skin" by Sebastian Hickey
  4. "Long Shot" by Nick Wendig
  5. "Deserting Paradise" by Joe Mcdaldno
Congrats to James Mullen and everyone else involved. I'm going to continue to work on Action City! just as soon as March rolls around.

1 comment:

  1. Well done!

    I read the Action City! rules today after seeing you had come 2nd in the game chef. It instantly wanted me to get a group of friends together and RP Die-hard.

    I hope you carry on with this because it really hits some sweet spots. If I managed to get a game...I have a few backlogged RP's I'll make sure I link it up for you.


    Mr. Toad