Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Game Chef 2010: Action City! v0.3 Ready for Playtesting (UPDATED)

Action City! v0.3 is online and ready for playtesting! So if you want to playtest it, download it and do that thing, then tell me about it here, or email me at the link provided in the document.

While this version is a bit longer, it's still only 18 pages including two pages of character sheets, a "Final Thoughts" page, and copious white space. What can I say? It's not a game that requires a lot of rules text.

Here's what's new:
  • Explicit guidelines for what each of the roles (Hero, Opposition, Friend) is supposed to do in the game
  • Expanded explanations of what the different difficulty levels mean and how they fit into the narrative
  • A new type of scene (the Cutscene) for the Opposition and how it's used
  • What it means to frame a scene
  • A brief but concrete paragraph on how to select appropriate Methods when rolling
  • A little more on the Arsenal to further delineate how it works
  • A bit more on how to use Goons, the Muscle, and the Functionary in play
  • And not much more! 
Winning Game Chef isn't nearly as important to me as getting valuable playtest feedback, so check it out, play a game, and tell me what worked and what didn't. I do not expect to win Game Chef, but I do expect to leave this a better designer than when I started, so any help you could give me in that regard is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

UPDATE: Playtest reports can be (should be, really) submitted at http://gamechef.wordpress.com/2010-playoff-rules.


  1. bravo, sir!

    the fellas and i had fun playtesting it. thanks for the opportunity. sending some good thoughts your way. keep us posted. good luck!

  2. Awesome. Thanks again for playtesting. One more and I'm tied for first place!