Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sigils [was: Icons & Sorcery]

This is a little tardy, but: I've updated and renamed my swords & sorcery hack for Icons. Now it's called Sigils, at the suggestion of someone on whose name escapes me. The big change for this version (v0.4) is the addition of rules for summoning and the detailing of three types of spirits, three types of demons, and 12 types of elementals (really, it's just three tiers of the same four elementals, but still).

That was the big piece of the puzzle that was still missing, in my mind, so it's satisfying to have it taken care of for the time being. ("For the time being" because I haven't playtested those rules or anything, and I'm relatively sure I left out something very important somewhere or other.)

Even though I haven't been able to play or run it yet, I can at least say that it's fun to roll up characters, so go check it out and get back to me.

UPDATE: It's since been replaced by Sigils version 0.5, and will soon be replaced again (but look for that in a new post).


  1. Mike, the link for Sigils seems to be broken. Any hope of correcting that? I'd love to see the current version of this.