Friday, September 10, 2010

Game Chef 2010: Now More Than Ever

So the ingredients for this year's Game Chef are up:
The Basics
Design and submit a playable draft of a roleplaying game between Sept 11th-19th, preferably inspired by the theme and ingredients listed below.
2010 Theme
Game Chef 2010 is official known as Game Chef: Sojourner, and the theme is Journey. As always, you are free to interpret that however you like.
2010 Ingredients
In addition to the overall theme, pick 3 of these 4 ingredients to design your game around.
First thoughts: City, Edge, and Skin all jump out at me. I'm picturing a very scenario-focused game along the lines of The Mountain Witch or Lady Blackbird about accomplishing something very specific in a city. Probably getting from one place to another safely. More than that, though, I just can't say right now. Hell, something like Escape From New York or The Warriors isn't completely unreasonable.

Second thoughts: Fred Hicks, Ryan Macklin, Willow Palacek, and Josh Roby are all participating, I believe, so... I'll just consider this a learning experience.

Third thoughts: Damn it, why couldn't there be any mechanics-focused ingredients? I mean, I can make a mechanical element called Edge, and possibly Skin, but I'll be honest: I like constraints, especially mechanical ones. They spur more creativity in me than total carte blanche to do whatever I want. Total creative freedom absolutely ruined last year's Game Chef for me.

Fourth Thoughts: I absolutely don't have time for this, but I'm doing it anyway.


  1. Regarding your fourth thought: never wait until you have the time, because you never will. Which is to say, "Rock on!"

    - Ryan

  2. If you want a mechanical constraint, you could always just ask for one :)

    Originally, I was thinking of an optional mechanical constraint called "Journey's End," suggesting that games should have a built in endgame / stopping point where the game is over.