Thursday, May 27, 2010

Icons & Sorcery

Just a quick note here to let people know about Icons & Sorcery (link fixed!), my swords & sorcery hack for Adamant Entertainment's Icons Superpowered Roleplaying. It strays a bit here and there from the way Icons works, but not dramatically so. The idea was to retain the random character generation of Icons, but for a typical Howardian/Lieberesque fantasy setting -- so instead of Origins (Trained, Birthright, Artificial, etc.) there are Cultures (Great City, Decadent South, Frozen North, etc.), and since only shifty sorcerer-types actually have powers, there's a greater emphasis on Specialties, although these two rely heavily on the roll of the dice. "Equipment" in the conventional sense is practically a non-entity for the superheroes and villains in Icons, but not so in Icons & Sorcery. And so on.

Incidentally, I'm running Icons this weekend at Gamex, in case I hadn't already mentioned that. Icons hits the e-market June 1st, with a print edition coming soon after.


  1. You had me at "Lieberesque fantasy setting". I've got my weekend reading now! The Spirit of Greyhawk campaign got put aside for a few weeks pending completion of one player's coding project, so this might be an interesting side-jaunt.

  2. If nothing else, you should have fun rolling up characters. I know I have.