Sunday, March 28, 2010

Game-Fu 8: Tales of the Glass Slipper

Today I finished off my Game-Fu entry, which I ended up calling Tales of the Glass Slipper. The extra week we were given to complete our games resulted in mine being much more complete than I could've imagined last week. There's art! An index! The impression that, at some point in the process, layout was briefly considered! I'd say it looks pretty good, considering it was created using MSWord and MSPaint.

You can take a look at it here, if you've a mind to, but be warned that it's 4+ megs. Must've been all that art. (By comparison, the latest version of Leftovers is less than 1 meg.) Forty pages in the end, including the cover, TOC, and index. That's five times longer than I'd thought it'd be, back in the day. Were we ever so young?

As for the name: The PCs in the game are members of a knightly order called the Order of the Glass Slipper. This organization is charged with something along the lines of "inventory control" for the Fairy World. When fairies run off to the World of Man with a fairy-tale treasure, it's their job to track 'em down and get it back. No pun-name for me this time.

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