Sunday, December 27, 2009


The title of this post has two meanings:
  1. I have another blog, Spirit of the Blank, that's all about tweaking Evil Hat's Spirit of the Century to fit various genres and needs. I love SotC, and I've had a lot of fun and success mutating it every which way. However, I have plenty of game ideas that have nothing to do with FATE or SotC that just don't fit into Spirit of the Blank's FATE-oriented mandate, but nowhere to present them to the largely ambivalent public. This, then, is a place for all of those "leftover" ideas.
  2. One of those game ideas is a little thing called Leftovers, which I wrote for the most recent Game Fu contest on Leftovers combines a post-apocalyptic setting with Lovecraftian horrors and the "-punk" aesthetic. It's gotten a good initial reaction from two-thirds of the Game Fu judging panel (the third has yet to weigh in) and friends, so I've decided to fully develop it for sale as a PDF and POD product, plus a rather bare-bones online version (something along the lines of the existing PDF I linked to above) available for free. The plan right now is for the PDF to have nice, full-color art but be inexpensive -- something like five bucks. (Hey, if John Wick can sell a PDF of Houses of the Blooded for five bucks....) The POD version may just be a black-and-white version of the PDF, or it may contain another chapter. I'm not sure yet. Right now I'm still adding, tweaking, and refining the Game Fu version. Playtesting starts next month, if all goes well.
So that's the deal. This blog will cover my other game-design efforts, starting with Leftovers and continuing with a d10-based game I've just started for Simian Circle's current design contest. But there are a ton of other little half-formed ideas -- mostly mechanical -- that will make an appearance here, and if inspiration strikes, maybe I'll make something more of them. Or maybe you will! Either way.

As for the title of this blog -- well, I like the new wave of narrative story-gaming mechanics and all, but man, if you're going to call it a game, I wanna roll some %@#*%! dice.

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