Friday, March 16, 2012

OrcCon 2012: Living Dungeon World Pictures

So! I finally got around to taking some pictures of the Big Board at Living Dungeon World last month.

The Big Board was... well, it was the big board on which we tracked all of the emergent world-building stuff that came up during play. Whenever a player or GM came up with a detail about the world, like the name of a god or an important past event, or when something significant happened in play, like and outstanding warrant or a character death, we'd write it down on a Post-It and stick it on the board. At some point, I transcribed most of those notes onto the board itself.

Since we all had such a good time with Living Dungeon World at OrcCon, we're pretty set on doing it again for Gamex in May. The idea is that we'll have another Big Board, but the setting we collectively created at OrcCon will serve as a foundation on which to build. It should also be noted that none of us really knows what we're doing, and we're pretty much making it all up as we go.

Anyway. Here are a bunch of pictures!

The big picture of the Big Board.

They killed Orcus. Spoiler alert!

Elves have animal eyes. Goblins don't have toes. Advantage: elves.

It all started in the Hollows (and half-ended in Dusk's Harbor).

Chopps wins the prize for awesomest death.

Emory made... quite an impression.

What's worse: the rampaging colossal, corrupted water elemental or a place called the City of Skulls?

Steel cage match, Pelanor vs. Osgood! Two gods of mercy enter, two gods of mercy leave!

Yes, that does say "street wizards."

These are a little hard to read, but they're records of Boots' shrines to the Banshee Queen. That guy was crazy for shrines.