Monday, January 31, 2011

Goals for 2011

One post for January! In before the lock!

It may not be of any great interest to anyone else, but I thought it might be a good idea to lay out what I intend to accomplish this year in terms of game design. This isn't going to be a comprehensive list, of course -- other stuff may/will come up, with any luck -- but here's what I have in my head right now.

Make Leftovers happen already. Leftovers has suffered from a pretty egregious lack of focus over the past several months. I'd planned to have it in print last May... then last September... then last month... and here we are, with pretty much no progress having been made on it for quite a while. When I'm reminded of that, I think, "Yikes." And I feel pretty awful about it, to be honest, but that's not really helping anything. So I want to put this one to bed already.

(On a related note, I'm running a Leftovers game called "The Battle of Wal-Mart" at OrcCon this year. Come check it out!)

Finish FATE Kerberos. This is a foregone conclusion, but I'm putting it here for the sake of completeness. My playtesters are great, I make progress on it on pretty much a daily basis, and the feedback I'm getting from friends and playtesters has improved things greatly. There's still a lot of work to do, but man, are we ever getting there.

Go on to... um... the next thing. I have another project lined up after Kerberos, but I don't think I can talk about it yet or who it's with. (I'll give you a hint, though: I'll post more about it later on Spirit of the Blank, not here.) But I'm very excited about it. That's set to start in March.

Contribute to Sean Patrick Fannon's Omniverse project. Sean's one of the brains behind DriveThruRPG, and he has this kinda crazy plan to bring a bunch of game designers and writers to work on several connected games and settings all under the umbrella of something called the Omniverse. I may end up doing a FATE thing, or a Savage Worlds thing, or something with Sean's Icons-derived ICONic system -- or it may give me the opportunity to develop [CLASSIFIED] into a complete game, which would honestly be my preference, because it still interests me. We'll see where that goes, but I'm betting it'll be somewhere cool.

Make the most of GenCon. I'm attending GenCon for the first time this year, thanks to a thoughtful Christmas gift from my wife, and while I want to do plenty of gaming, I'm also keenly aware that it's a prime opportunity to see what else I can get involved in. And meet some people, of course. What was the tag line on that Intel commercial? "Our rock stars aren't like your rock stars?" Many of my rock stars will be at GenCon, and I want them to make sure they know who I am.

(In a good way, of course.)