Friday, October 8, 2010

Game Chef 2010: Unofficial Reviews

So while the esteemed Monsieur Walton has only gotten through 13 of this year's Game Chef entries so far, one Jonathan Lavallee has taken it upon himself to briefly review all 59 of 'em (including his own Over the Wall). Not only that, he's already done it, and it's an interesting read.

I was pleased to discover that Action City! made it into his folder of games he and his group may play one of these days (which, admittedly, contains about two-thirds of all the submissions). Does this bode well for my chances in Game Chef itself? Well, it doesn't bode poorly, I guess, but other than that one pretty obviously has no bearing on the other. To be honest, it was just gratifying to read someone else's thoughts on Action City!, contest or no. Thanks, Jon(athan)!